Norman K Frater, Sculptor Nameplate

Norman Frater's Studio

The sculpture studio is located midway between the three Central Oregon towns of Bend, Redmond and Sisters and is only 5 miles from Tumalo. 

Harbor Seal by Norman K Frater Working in the studio Photo of Kiln Room 

An upstairs room serves both as a sculpture gallery and a class or meeting room for up to fifteen people.  Finished sculptures provide immediate references for students regarding subject, pose, features, scale, proportion, and patina coloration and techniques.

Exterior of the studio Upstairs display area
Upstairs display area The beautiful grounds surrounding the studio

Primary heat is a small cast iron woodstove, with kiln heat and electric heat backup.  The studio is on the east side of Waldron Ridge in a stand of old growth juniper trees and overlooking several horse and cattle ranches.  The ridge at 3400 foot elevation is home to deer, cotton tails and jackrabbits, coyotes, quail and great horned owls.

Buck ont he grounds
Great Horned Owl on the grounds

Heating the studio
Sunset from the window of the studio


    Norman K. Frater | Ceramic & Metal Sculptor

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