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Norman K. Frater

Figurative and Animal Sculptor, Ceramic and Metals

Norman has been sculpting the figure since 1995. His ceramic sculptures are all hand modeled using water based sculpture clay, which has a wonderful, earthy feel that brings back memories of childhood play in sandboxes and mud puddles. The roughness of high fired sculpture clay with grog (sandy grit) lends an authenticity to the character of some subjects, while the earth colors of stained and fired clay gives it warmth.

If asked why he chose sculpture, he will say that drawing and painting were too flat, and pottery too round. His passion is to feel and see a person or animal come alive in his hands. He says, “To create a sculpture with my mind and my hands and my eyes and my heart brings me a small step closer to experience the creativity of God.”

Having started with more realistic busts and torsos, his emphasis shifted to sculpting dozens of small heads and figures in a spontaneous and creative manner. He called these “Wildfire Heads” ever since they were featured at the 2009 Wildfire Pottery Showcase hosted by the Clay Guild of the Cascades each November in Bend, Oregon. Recently he has been sculpting animals, including polar bears and penguins reminiscent of adventure trips to Churchill, Manitoba and Punta Tombo, Argentina, and puppies and domestic animals as well.

An even newer venture has been sculpting 3-dimensional design welded steel garden sculptures which are exhibited in the outdoor sculpture garden at Circle of Friends Gallery in Tumalo, Oregon.

Enjoy browsing his galleries of figurative and animal work that follow. After those is a new gallery devoted to metal sculpture and landscape photography. You can join a general sculpture class in the summer to learn to sculpt a subject of your choice. Many students have sculpted loved ones, pets, historical characters and animals that appealed to them using reference photographs or magazine and book pictures.

Sincerely, Norman K. Frater, sculptor

    Norman K. Frater | Ceramic & Metal Sculptor

Norman Frater Sculptures

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